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Emily Carr From the Collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

October 3, 2001 - October 3, 2001

Victoria is home to Emily Carr, one of Canada’s best known and most beloved artists. The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is a great place to explore Carr’s art and writings through an exhibition drawn from our permanent collection.

Carr studied in San Francisco, London, and Paris where she received solid classical training and an exposure to current trends in art such as Post-Impressionism. While she was told that the untamed landscape of Canada was unpaintable, lucky for us she ignored this warning and followed her own heart. The monumental trees, mountains, sky, and sea of Vancouver Island inspired her to seek a closeness with nature, a relationship that came to life in her paintings. Through her eyes even the most mundane subjects such as a gravel pit or clear cut were energized, becoming her celebrations of life.

In the presence of Carr’s work we enter the rain forest and experience the serenity of sunlight penetrating dense vegetation. She leads us to see the rhythm of tree trunks, the patterns that dance on water, the power of totem poles, and the energy that emanates from the constantly changing coastal skies. As with all great artists Carr opens our eyes to an appreciation of the beauty all around us in this unique part of the world.

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