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DOUBLE VISION: Medrie MacPhee & Landon Mackenzie

March 22, 2002 - March 22, 2002

DOUBLE VISION pairs the work of Medrie MacPhee and Landon Mackenzie, exhibiting together for the first time at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. DOUBLE VISION explores internal and external landscapes, often surreal hybrids of fused and layered imagery which reflect on science, history and new technologies.

MacPhee’s paintings fuse the cybernetic ideas of the body with images spliced from the urban landscape. Landon Mackenzie’s expansive works embrace layers of knowledge, from the subterranean to the celestial, melding patterns formed by constellations, electromagnetic fields, mining surveys and geographical maps. In the work of both artists, there is an impression of myriad worlds coalescing to suggest the immediacy of embodied experience.

The work in DOUBLE VISION sidetracks the structures of language and cultural meaning to approach automatism’s ideals at the beginning of the last century. Time and memory, fiction and imagination unravel and unsettle meaning, the painting process and academic conventions.

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