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Don Jean-Louis: Silver Works

September 19, 2008 - September 19, 2008

Don Jean-Louis’s career presents a journey of individual discovery and visual exploration. Initially interested in mapping nature through precise organic drawings and paintings in the early 1960s, Jean-Louis’s work shifted to the orchestration of perceptual situations with new materials such as vacuum-formed uvex (plastic) and neon. This exhibition presents Jean-Louis’s Silver Works from 1985 and 1986.  Although the works involve materials typically associated with a painting practice, Jean-Louis does not consider these as “paintings” but as part of his ongoing visual investigations of phenomenological experience.  Photography and conceptual sculptural work exploring similar themes are also included.  Ultimately, the subject of the exhibition is the artist himself, who investigates as ‘alchemist’, the conventions of a ‘linear, creative progress’ in artistic practices.

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