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Daniel Laskarin

Agnostic Objects (things persist)

October 8, 2010 - October 8, 2010

This is the first survey exhibition for Victoria artist, Daniel Laskarin, whose sculptures and public art commissions have been presented across Canada and internationally.Laskarin’s art practice is primarily object-based working with a diverse range of media to arouse questions about perception, doubt and uncertainty. “I set out to create objects which might look almost recognizable, but never quite identifiable – that hover within the agnostic condition of uncertainty between the general and the specific.” His work is, in a sense, a call to action to break us out of our complacency in relation to our environment and the objects we encounter on a daily basis. Laskarin uses a rich array of materials to intrigue and repulse, materials that suggest or refer to the familiar but somehow can not be defined. It is through these objects that we come to know ourselves as “they offer us physical feedback through which we feel our own bodies, our own being in the world.”

The exhibition includes a selection of new works from his most recent series as well as earlier works that will illustrate the evolution of his practice and theoretical concerns explored over the last decade. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue with essays from Bruce Ferguson (independent curator and critic), Jessica Berlanga (art historian and critic from Oaxaca, Mexico) and Nicole Stanbridge (Associate Curator, Contemporary Art, AGGV)

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