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Close To Home

Local and Regional Artists in the AGGV Collection

April 22, 2017 - September 4, 2017 Michelle Jacques

The AGGV’s collection of works of art by artists from Victoria and the surrounding environs intersects with many fascinating stories of the cultural life and legacies of this place. Close to Home examines the institution’s history of collecting work by artists from our city and region, with an aim to celebrating the strengths of our holdings. It will also allow us to identify the pages that are missing from our telling of the important art histories of this place, as we look forward to the Next Gallery. With a focus on artists from the modern and contemporary periods, this exhibition will of course feature many audience favourites, while also bringing to light notable works that we do not see in the galleries often enough.

Image: Nita Forrest (1926-1996), Figures in the Dunes, not dated, oil on paper, Gift of the Artist in Memory of Michael Dane

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