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Carole Sabiston

Everything Below All of the Above

January 24, 2014 - January 24, 2014

Guest Curated by Patricia Bovey | Ker and Centennial Galleries

January 24 – April 28, 2014 | Ker and Centennial Galleries

Carole Sabiston’s retrospective exhibition shares its title with Everything Below All of the Above, a work she created in 2003. Speaking to the various perspectives from which the artist sees the world, the exhibition underlines the simultaneous connections and contrasts present in all of her production.

Sabiston is renowned for her unique textile assemblages that incorporate text, collage and humour. The exhibition features works from the 1970s to the present, borrowed from the artist, and from public and private collections. Large and small-scale works, sketches, pinned concepts, and ‘workings’ highlight each of the themes and series that have occupied her over the course of her illustrious career.

The overriding element through all of Sabiston’s work is movement – coupled with light and an affinity for colour and texture. In her significant body of work she has portrayed our universe from multiple perspectives – from above, within, and from below. She examines the macro and the micro, and juxtaposes beauty and wonder, overlaid with contemporary cautionary environmental alarms.

The exhibition is accompanied by a generously illustrated catalogue, the most comprehensive document of Sabiston’s career to date. The publication includes a major overview of the technique, development, content and context of the artist’s work by guest curator Patricia Bovey, and an essay exploring Sabiston’s inspirations and impact by Michelle Jacques.

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