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The Life and Art of Sophie Pemberton, Canadian Artist

September 23, 2023 - January 21, 2024 Curated by Guest Curator Dr. Kathryn Bridge

Victoria-born and raised, Sophie Pemberton was the middle daughter, her father’s favourite, and a determined personality. Despite episodes of debilitating illnesses and family tragedies, she pursued a serious international artistic career with paintings exhibited at the Royal Academy and Paris Salon. A portraitist by training, she was also a landscape painter of great talent. Through her international connections and friendships forged at art school in England and France with the advantages of birth and position, Pemberton aimed to become a professional artist, a career not readily accomplished by a woman at this time in history.

This exhibition discusses Pemberton’s life, her family and social networks, her art training and accomplishments, and the historical times in which she lived. It includes women’s suffrage, the rise of modernism, the role of post impressionism in Canada and within Sophie’s own world, and of the influence she brings to today’s world.

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Images by Sophie Pemberton (L-R): Spring, oil, 100.5 x 142.5 cm, Bequest of the Artist. AGGV 1973.210.001 | Mansi - An Italian, oil, 45.7 x 35.5 cm. Estate of Theresa Susan Yoder Moyle. AGGV 1989.002.005. | Driveway of Moulton Combe, Oak Bay, Victoria, oil, 45.7 x 61.7 cm. Gift of George and Lola Kidd. AGGV 1995.040.001
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