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Heaven & Earth Unveiled: European Treasures from the Tanenbaum Collection

January 25, 2008 - January 25, 2008

Heaven and Earth Unveiled presents highlights from the Tanenbaum Collection that emphasize the transformative period of the 19th century, when painting reigned supreme and France was the leader in movements varying from neoclassicism to romanticism and realism to symbolism. The exhibition?s history and religious painting, portraiture, genre, landscape, and still life reveal the Tanenbaums? eye for narrative, drama, and beauty. They address significant aspects of 19th century European art, such as the importance of art academies, the Paris Salon, the taste for exoticism, and the inspiration in past traditions including Dutch 17th century painting.

The exhibition ranges from the art of leading academic painters such as Jean-L?on G?r?me (French 1824?1904), and internationally sought-after portraitists such as Anders Zorn (Swedish 1860?1920), to modern realists such as Mariya Bashkirtseva (Ukrainian active in France 1858?1884), Jean-Louis Forain (French 1852?1931) and Johan Barthold Jongkind (Dutch 1819?1891).

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