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Exhibition Tours

Private Engagement Tours (Registration Required)

May 20 | 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

In response to COVID-19 we are introducing a new way to explore the collection of the AGGV: Private Engagements on Thursday mornings, from 10AM – 1PM. 

Bring your bubble and safely explore what’s on display. 

Engage in an in-depth exploration of what’s on display at the AGGV. Small groups of all ages are now welcome to safely engage in guided tours of the newest installations. On Thursday mornings the gallery will be yours as you and your group explore the connection that art has to ourselves, our environment, and our cultures. This is the perfect option for families or groups such as classes, independent living, and community groups to schedule a safe way to explore the Gallery with those in your cohort. The Gallery will be closed to the public Thursdays 10AM-1PM to make these tours possible. Tours will be limited to 10 people and are $20, which includes admission for each visitor.

Please use the registration form below to book your tour (2 weeks advance booking is preferred). Guided tours are available for all ages. Masks required. Social distancing in effect. Tours limited to 10 people. Engagement Facilitator is available for information, questions, and more!

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