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Maud Lewis: An Illustrated Talk With Dr. Laurie Dalton

Sep 22 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Join Dr. Laurie Dalton, author of Painted Worlds: The Art of Maud Lewis, a Critical Perspective for an illustrated talk. Dalton will situate the paintings of Lewis within the wider context of modern art history, as well within the zeitgeist of the period in which the artist painted, showing parallels with photography, interiors and advertising culture of the era. In the talk, Dalton provides critical insight into the ways in which Lewis has been marketed as a folk icon, and provides a framework to carefully examine the paintings themselves.

Dr. Laurie Dalton is the director/curator of the Acadia University Art Gallery and an adjunct professor in the Department of History & Classics. Her research interests lie in Canadian visual culture, museums and exhibition history, in particular how ‘meaning’ is a process of displays, didactics, and audience exchange.

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