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Introduction to Kimono Culture in Seasons

Sep 28 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture!

Join us in the Spencer Mansion on Sept 28, from 6PM to 8PM for light refreshments and an interactive discussion and demonstration with kimono expert, Hitomi Harama as she illustrates the features and seasonal differences of the kimono, as well as the appreciation of nature reflected in kimono designs. Depicting the beauty of nature in the kimono is a way of celebrating or showing respect to certain seasonal matters. Two kimonos from the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria’s collection will be displayed at this session.  Participants will also have the opportunity to engage with kimonos from Hitomi’s own private collection. 

To register please follow the link to our eventbrite page below. AGGV members get 20% off ticket price. 


Hitomi Harama is a kimono and Japanese culture specialist. She is passionate about preserving traditional Japanese customs, traditions, and craftsmanship together with Kimono culture. Her passion to conserve the beauty of kimonos as textile arts as well as valuable traditions of Japanese culture has led her to various activities.  These activities include: presenting talks and lectures on the kimono and its related Japanese culture; curating kimono exhibitions (including Kimono: Japanese Culture in its Art Form at the AGGV in 2014).  Hitomi maintains a YouTube Channel entitled “Kimono Japan”, where she provides English-speaking audiences with easily accessible ways of learning more about the kimono and Japanese culture. Hitomi is keen on sharing the rich tradition of the kimono and Japanese culture with people around the world.



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