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ICYMI: Wheatpasting With Adeyemi Adegbesan (virtual)

Apr 25

In case you missed it, watch back to learn more about Adeyemi Adegbesan’s work previously installed inside and outside the AGGV building, in conjunction with Adorned.

“This body of work explores the duality of Blackness; on one hand vastly diverse ranging across regions, ethnicities, religions, and cultures; yet on the other hand, often seen through the western lens as the monolithic ‘black’. The use of collage in these pieces is meant to mirror the cultural diversity of blackness by drawing together a diverse range of source materials. The symbolism contained in the adornment on each figure is an analogy for the wealth of cultural wisdom and history that we all carry with us. The Afrofuturist approach used in this body of work creates an undefined space that allows for blackness to exist separate from traditional westernized narratives commonly associated with black identity.” – Adeyemi Adegbesan


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