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Public Open House


Oct 20 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Join us in re-imagining what can happen inside – and around and outside of – the AGGV!

As galleries and museums have evolved, visitors, members, and staff have recognized the power and potential of bringing people and communities together in the context of art. They have voiced the need for new kinds of spaces in which to do this work. Visitors have come to expect that museums and galleries create new ways for them to interact with art – and with others.

The AGGV as it exists today is a modestly-sized art museum that was built when Victoria was a much smaller, quieter place. We are looking forward to an expansion project that will provide thoughtfully designed spaces, allowing us to better share our programs, exhibitions, and collection with the residents of and visitors to our vibrant, growing city. BRAINSTORM is an interactive project space in which we imagine, with you, our visitors, how we can move the AGGV into the future. It will feature a range of hands-on activities; opportunities to share ideas about the future of the AGGV’s programming; insight into the gallery’s history and future; innovative explorations of the AGGV collection; and more.  Consider the possibilities ahead as we build the NEXT gallery together, and help us imagine the kinds of initiatives and programs that can take shape in our new building.

Free admission | Centennial and Ker Galleries

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