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Blueprints for the Afrofuture presents: Hidden Variable

Oct 27 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Please join us at the Gallery for an evening of sound and music, with live, improvisational and interactive elements. Admission by donation (suggested donation $5-$15).

Hidden Variable is a music focused collective, loosely centered around a group of friends living in Victoria BC. They record music together in each other’s homes and anywhere else they find themselves. Most of the collective’s recorded music can be found at The collective’s contribution to the ongoing Blueprints for the Afrofuture series will be an evening of sound and music, with live, improvisational, and interactive elements. The music presented will draw influence from dub, west & central African folk musics, afrobeat and hip hop.

Blueprints for the Afrofuture is curated by Kemi Craig who has been collaborating with interdisciplinary Black artists and collectives from across BC this year to create art/offerings. As Kemi states, “The process acts as an embodied practice of what it looks like when our various Black communities, organizations, and individuals have the opportunity to gather and support each other through collective imagining, shared labor and resources.” The importance of recognizing Blackness in BC is creating more fulsome perspectives and knowledge benefitting all people across these territories.”

Watch the Live Stream on YouTube

Image credit: Hidden Variables, Photo by Mariko’ Cappello.

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