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Disassemble the Arts

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria has been taking steps to examine its programming around accessibility for all communities. In 2019, the AGGV completed a new accessibility audit in consultation and collaboration with many different communities and organizations in order to improve our institution. The AGGV recognizes that accessibility is an ongoing process, and we understand that access needs are different for everyone and that these needs can also change every day.

Disassemble the Arts is an evolving initiative through interviews, public programming, community conversations, and surveys, we are creating a barrier-free and accessible project that highlights the artists and communities who have been historically not included in the arts, including IBPOC, disabled, LGBTQ2+, and low or no income individuals. Through Disassemble the Arts, we want to provide longer-term changes to the Victoria arts community in terms of accessibility.

Open Access Workshop featuring Carmen Papalia
Disassemble the Arts: Artist and Curator Talks with Amanda Cachia

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Accessibility and the Arts: A Series of Community Conversations
Sensory Kits at the AGGV

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