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Blue + White: Book Launch

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Members join us free from 7:00 – 8:30 on November 16 for the official book launch of AGGV catalogue Blue + White.  Come for a special presentation by Dr. Heng Wu, Curator of Asian Art and the curator for the Blue + White exhibition, as well as signed copies of the catalogue available for purchase.  Along with a cash bar, the evening will feature a special menu designed by award winning restaurant Ugly Duckling.

This beautiful hardcover book features a vast selection of objects from AGGV collections, and tells a story of blue-and-white porcelain first manufactured in China during the 14th century that eventually debuted on the world stage. Inspired by the exhibition, the catalogue surveys how blue-and-white ceramics went ‘viral,’ and was imitated and innovated around the globe.

The 2021-2022 AGGV exhibition Blue + White examined blue and white porcelain as a global product that contains diverse cultural traits in its birth, development, and proliferation. It is truly a fruit of cross-cultural communication and exchange. This exhibition was an initiative in experimenting with new curatorial approaches to our permanent collections by breaking the boundaries that have been artificially placed on these collections, such as Asian vs. Canadian or Historical vs. Contemporary. Blue + White contained over 200 items from the AGGV collection, including many exceptional pieces from the renowned AGGV Asian collection.
“Each object has multiple layers in its cultural identity.” Heng Wu, AGGV Curator of Asian Art.