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The future of the AGGV

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria has been looking ahead to our future for many years, examining the potential of building projects as well as considering what kind of gallery we want to be for the people of Victoria, the Province of British Columbia and beyond.

As the home to the largest public art collection in the province, with over 20,000 pieces entrusted to us, we believe that we have a responsibility to create a vision that articulates where we are going as we move forward, one that asks what do we want to achieve in the future, for artists, our members and donors and the community. The work we are doing will look at the future of our collections, our exhibitions and programs as well as plans for a new home.

In order for us to create a vision for the future, the AGGV is currently engaged in a visioning and strategic planning process with staff, members and community stakeholders. Our goal is to ask, listen, and respond to the community as we embark on a comprehensive and transformational visioning and strategic planning process. We will be inviting people to come together to consider the role of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and to challenge us to think differently about how the Gallery can impact the community in the future.

We hope to communicate our plans during the spring/summer of 2023. If you are contacted by the AGGV I hope that you will agree to take part in our visioning process. I would also encourage you to reach out to me with any questions you may have or to share your thoughts on the future of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria:

Nancy Noble, AGGV Director &CEO