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Taryn Brown

Taryn Brown currently resides on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She has been creating art her entire life, and emerged onto the art scene 15 years ago to exhibit in galleries. She competes in juried shows (and won The Award of Excellence) at the Federation of Canadian Artists on Granville Island in Vancouver.

When I am creating art I focus only on 2 things: colour and movement. I am most often inspired by nature: water, wood grain, flora, feathers, rock formations. I also vascillate between abstraction and representationalism frequently, depending on my mood. Within my art I see natural systems both external and internal which connect us all. I see arterial, lymbic, the most infinitessimal systems which keep us alive, but then also it is as if I am regarding the Earth from beyond the atmosphere, and I see tributaries, inlets and land masses all connected by colours orbiting through a spacial system more distant than our imaginations can reach. The colours do not always blend together but move together side by side in a complementary way which symbolizes how I believe we all interact; we are all unique shades on a canvas attempting to find a purposeful harmony within and without ourselves.

To begin with, I come up with a painting’s name FIRST. This name inspires me to create it how it wants to be seen. We become our names, so clearly this process is paramount to what anything will become. As a teacher of literature I’m intrigued by the power of words, and this translates into my artwork.

My new works are centered around the balances between symmetry and asymmetry , abstract and representationalism, nature and geometry, movement and stasis, light and shadow. I guess you could say I’m obsessed with the paradoxes within contrast. My art, like me, is ever-toying with contrasts, the positive versus the negative ions.
Isn’t that what we’re all made of?


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