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Julie Glaspy

“Often, art is about finding beauty and invoking feeling in places where it is not always commonly seen or felt.”

Julie Glaspy hails from Saint John, NB and now lives on Quadra Island, BC. From coast to coast Julie continues to explore her own style by surrounding herself in nature.  Julie introduces movement and light to her pieces. In her work, Julie explores both natural and abstract forms while breathing life into the stone with strong yet sensual curves and changing angles. Using the light from the passing sun, shadows are drawn out, dramatically changing the effects of the sculpture while changing the perspectives of the audience about the stone itself.

Julie has participated in several international sculpture symposiums, in various countries including Canada, Italy, Germany and most recently Nepal 2020, as well as the first international online symposium created as a way to connect artists through the beginnings of the pandemic. Julie has private monumental sized commissioned works in Canada and the USA.


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