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Jeffrey Boron

The Artists Life
When you choose to live the life of an artist
You wish upon stars while splashed with moonlight
Sing while dancing to songs you alone can hear
Row a dory, alone, high upon open ocean swells
Yet invite the world to see.

-Jeffrey J. Boron-

Working primarily in oils I attempt to convey a vision of colour and light in my paintings. I combine the bold colour elements of Impressionism with a contemporary representational painting style which I call Canadian west coast Impressionism.

My love of the natural world and those sometimes overlooked small areas of our disappearing landscape are often featured in my work. Many of my smaller plein air pieces are painted amongst the hills, meadows and along the ocean shores of southern Vancouver Island. My work is recognized for it’s strong sense of light and confident brush strokes.

“As an artist I want my paintings to bring to the viewer a sense of the
joy I feel when painting them, as well as highlighting the wonder and
beauty of those small areas of nature where we live
but so often overlook in our busy lives.”
-Jeffrey J. Boron-

My landscape and marine paintings are filled with the light and colour of southwestern British Columbia. They are never timid and always vibrate with life and soul.


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