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Painting, Sculpture

Holly Unsworth


After many years of hiding, my inner artist made a startling reappearance in 2017, during what can only be described as a very strange time in my life. I began to paint abstract designs on stones—and haven’t put down the brush since.

I venture out into the wild creeks, rivers and beaches of Vancouver Island and hunt for stones that are the perfect mix of shape, colour, pattern and texture—the ones that seem to say, “Pick me! Pick me!” I highlight the natural features of each stone with acrylic paint and black pen, creating an eccentric union of nature and design. It’s a highly collaborative process between me and the stone, and it’s endlessly exciting to see what we’ll create together. No two stones are ever the same. They are meant to be touched, to be hefted and held, to be communed with, to be taken in with more than just the eyes.

In a way I see stones like I see people—each of them beautiful in their own way with their own unique shapes, sizes and stories, each of them deserving of someone saying, “My goodness, you’re amazing!”



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