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Guinevere Joy

Guinevere Joy is an artist working in the medium of fine art photography with a penchant for travel, and an affinity with nature. Her work possesses an elegant simplicity; often exploring the subtle blending of light and water. She is also a writer.

I think in life, we are magnetically drawn to what we are meant to do. Photography first became my passion while I was living in Tanzania in a small village in the highlands. It was the first time I’d ever left Canada. The pace of life and the warmth and amiability of the people opened my eyes and my heart; this country will always have a very special place in my heart. This began my lifelong journey of being a photographer and a traveller, finding a connection to people and places through art.

I have been working on a body of work entitled Light & Water for ten years. These images have been created while I was living in Manitoulin Island, Bolivia, and now Vancouver Island. Where I lived in Manitoulin, there is a very unique quality of light, as the island is surrounded by light reflected upon the water. The light has a very special quality; it’s like sitting in the middle of a big bowl with the light mirrored inwards. Over time, I have developed a signature style of shooting long exposures of water in an abstract style. I love the unpredictability of long exposures with water. It’s almost like seeing a much clearer version of a landscape by seeing the way the water flows over a length of time, and the way the light interacts with it. Of course, there are scores of variables that change this, and this is what I love about my creative process.

My images convey an elegant sense of design, incorporating different aspects of design into my compositions, including the ‘Golden Ratio.’ I also like to find forms and shapes in rocky shorelines to use to anchor, and give my images a sense of depth and scale.

When I lived in Bolivia, I worked on my Light & Water series in the Salar de Uyuni. While shooting in the salt flat, I was enchanted by the incredible experience of standing in a completely silent, immense plane surrounded by the brilliant colours of the sky reflected upon the water. There was a dreamlike beauty with the vividness of the colours and perfect clarity of the light, like standing in the middle of a mirror at the bottom of a kaleidoscope.




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