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Ed Hughes

Ed Hughes is a Victoria-based artist who has worked with oils and acrylics for a little more than 50 years. His paintings are about relationships between all of us, and our beautiful natural world. His goal is to reflect the beauty within and around us, focusing on the feelings and senses that we all share.  Joy, sadness, distance and strength are woven into his pieces, along with a sense that the natural world is dominant; we humans are very much passengers and custodians, rather than owners.

His process usually starts with a warm ground (salmon pink or brick red) and a swift acrylic underpainting. Then come the oils – softer and slower. Those can be glazed and scraped back over days, weeks and months. Sometimes the piece needs to be finished with acrylics, but there’s something about the warmth and buttery feel of oils that bring joy and depth to Hughes and hopefully the viewer.

Hughes paints in various styles, ranging from thinly glazed realism to impasto expressive abstraction. He feels that “painting is like language: we speak in many different ways so why not paint in different voices? What matters is the integrity of the piece, rather than its style. If it’s well crafted and honest, it’s often a good painting.”


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