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Chintan Bolliger

Chintan Bolliger was born in Zurich, Switzerland, where she received her formal art education. Since then she has lived and made art in various parts of the world including the South of France, India, Hawaii and the high desert of the Western US.The subtle flavour of every place has influenced her creative process and each has left a trace on the work. For the past thirty years her home and studio have been on Salt Spring Island.

“My current work is a consideration of my relationship to the natural world and what it means to be alive. Awareness lies somewhere on the boundary between the landscape we walk through daily and the alternative environment of the imagination. I’m attracted to ephemeral phenomena, things which rise, transform and move on. These paintings inhabit the space between the geological and the biological and are a search for the spark of animation where transformation begins. They could be microscopic specks or complete ecosystems. What is important to me is the perception of life evolving into tangible form. The idea is not tied strictly to the metabolic. Water, wind, the rock beneath our feet, all seem full of life. My work is a tribute to what is and to the infinite possibilities of what could be.”


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