From September 30 - November 28, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria presents Performing Generations: Classic and Contemporary Performative Video. The exhibition explores performance-based video from the 70’s with work from the last decade, and opens a dialogue between the two generations by examining both conceptual and strategic differences and similarities.

The exhibition comes to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria from the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Laura McGough, independent curator, writer, and new media artist presents our audience with a challenging and significant exhibition of video works by internationally-distinguished artists.

The exhibition has been extended at this venue to include the work of John Boehme, Judith Price and Yoko Takashima, artists from the Victoria region who have developed interactive web installations based on their engagements with performance and/or new media technologies. These works alternately explore the construction of identity, sexuality and the influences of media and popular culture on self-representation.

The Gallery would like to express its thanks to Compusmart, 966 Yates Street, Victoria, BC, for providing us with a computer terminal in the Gallery to display the web installation for the duration of the show.



to view the virtual installations, it is recommended that you have a high speed internet connection (>56K) and are using Netscape version 4.0 or higher. It is required that you view the site in at least 1024 X 768 resolution and that you have the Quicktime version 4 plug-in installed.

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