The Next Gallery FAQs

We know there may be a lot of questions regarding the Gallery Renewal, therefore we have put together a list of common questions and answers. If you find you still need more information, or have a question that isn't answered below, please email


Q. How does AGGV plan to finance the project?
A. The Board of Directors of the AGGV have indentified that we need to raise $21 million for completion of the renewal project. The funds raised through this campaign will be secured through contributions from Federal and Provincial governments as well as donations from corporate and private donations.
Q. When is construction goin to begin on the Gallery renewal?
A. We are currently in the construction drawing phase of the project. We are waiting until funding is in place to make plans for construction. 
Q. How big will the new space be?And what will be added to the AGGV?
A. The new 1850 metres of gallery space will mean a total floor area increase of 40% for public programming, exhibitions collections, and administration The new building will include a community auditorium and gathering space; a sculpture garden, cafe and gift shop.
Q. Where will the colection go during the construction phase?
A. We are currently searching for 3000 - 5000 sq. ft. to house the collection during construction. 
Q. What is being done to the Spencer mansion? 
A. The mansion is currently being painted as the first phase of the "Next Gallery" renewal project. The new colours are the same as those used in 1910. 
Q. Won't this whole renewal be noisy and inconvenient to the residents around the Gallery?
A. While we know there is no avoidance of disruption and noise to complete this renewal, everything will be done to minimize disruption during the construction phase including exploring excavation alternatives to blasting.
Q. What is going to happen to the trees? I thought you weren't allowed to remove Garry Oaks.
A. We are committed to preserving and enhancing the landscape surrounding the Gallery for communities and visitors to enjoy for generations to come. This committment involves preservation of all but 3 of the 39 healthy Garry Oaks and 1 structurally unsound Garry oak. In honor of the 3 being removed, we will be planting 11 new ones. Three other trees will also be removed, an Atlantic cedar, a spruce  and a Douglas fir. 
Q. Why do the three healthy Garry Oaks have to be removed then?
A. In an effort to make the best use of the proposed site, it was unavoidable to remove these trees. However, as stated above, we will be planting 11 new Garry Oaks creating an even larger Garry Oak ecosystem for everyone's enjoyment.
Q. What about parking? Creating a larger Gallery is going to mean more people at special events. What is your plan to accommodate this?
A. We have entered into an event coordination agreement with Langham Court Theatre to reduce the impact of special event parking in the neighbourhood and will continue our cooperation with the Victoria Truth Centre and Central Middle School who provide overflow parking. 
Q. What about everyday parking? 
A. Our parking mitigation plans include transportation demand management measures, for example; 50 bicycle parking spaces and end of route cycling facilities for AGGV staff, volunteers and visitors.
Q. What will happen to the Shinto Shrine? Are you going to keep it where it is? Relocate it inside?
A. The Shinto Shrine will still have its place outside in the Asian garden,however, it will be moved to another spot to act as a buffer in the garden.
Q. With the new Gallery being so high, I am worried about visitors being able to see into my yard or house and I won't have privacy. What are you doing to address this?
A. On the top floor of the new building, we are reducing the size of the planned third floor sculpture terrace and relocating a railing to reduce overlook by visitors. Our plans also include the application of a pattern to the third floor windows and a low-reflective stainless steel cladding on the buidling to manage potential impact on neighbouring properties. This cladding will also have the added benefit of ensuring the bird populations around the Gallery are kept safe and not fly into any reflective window