Haema Sivanesan - Curator


I have worked in the visual arts, in curatorial and leadership capacities, my whole life, and cannot imagine anything I'd rather be doing. It is a passion verging on obsession! 

For the first decade of my career I worked in a large public art museum in Sydney, Australia, which is where I cut my teeth as a curator. I have also worked extensively in various parts of Asia (Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh), and have a background and specialist interest in historical and contemporary art from Asia. 

I moved to Toronto ten years ago and have since worked my way across the country: from Toronto to Vancouver to Saskatoon, and now Victoria. Art is about ideas; and the visual arts is a framework for understanding the world - in all its complexity and contradiction. It is a challenging, dynamic, and oftentimes competitive field. For many of us, it's also a way of life.


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