The Gallery Shop

The Shop carries a unique collection of gifts and publications that have been chosen to compliment and support the gallery exhibitions. The range of items includes locally handmade products, printed materials, as well as apparel and children’s toys. The Shop is located at the AGGV entrance and does not require an entrance fee to browse.

To complement the AGGV's permanent collection of Emily Carr’s work, the Gallery Shop boasts a full assortment of images from the internationally renowned artist. From posters to postcards and art cards, there’s sure to be something for every fan of this Canadian icon. We also carry a variety of biographies and art books, as well as a large selection of Carr’s own writings.

Are you an artist interested in having your work in the Gallery Shop?
The Gallery Shop offers a variety of local and regional items for sale to members, the community and visitors to our Art Gallery.  If you would like to have your jewellery, wood-craft, fabric, paper, glass or other items considered for the Gallery Shop, please contact Megan Bosence, Retail Coordinator via email at  Submissions should include images of the items, retail price, and a list of other locations where your work is currently available.
Work is accepted for the Gallery Shop on a consignment basis. All revenue from the Gallery Shop supports the on-going operation of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.