Corey Bryson - Chief Preparator/Technician

I have been working within the arts industry in some capacity for the last 17 years and am currently the Chief Preparator & Technician at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

I am very grateful to be a father to a phenomenal young lady and husband to the love of my life. I am humbled to have abilities in the arts focusing on film, music and photography. I also enjoy doing a little MacGyvering as my last lunch hour project was a harmonica microphone created from recycled electronics and a little scrap metal that I had laying on my desk.

My work experience partly includes the installation and de-installation of contemporary and historical art and artifact based exhibitions, and audio visual exhibitions (both within and outside of a traditional gallery setting). A passionate museum and gallery professional, I pride myself in the role Preparators play in the preservation and public enjoyment of museum collections. 


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