Art Rentals and Sales

About the Program

As part of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Art Rental and Sales program also presents an ever-changing and diverse inventory of high-quality original works by over 100 emerging and established local artists.  


Enjoy original art in the comfort of your own home, redesign your home with great art as the focus, or stage your home with art to increase its sale-ability.  The beauty of this program is that clients can try out different pieces of work without the commitment.  Can’t live without it? The first six months worth of rental fees will be applied towards the purchase price.


Strengthen your corporate image with original art. Businesses can rent art for a fraction of the cost of ownership, with the option to rotate works every six months. We offer on-site consultations, delivery and installation services, making the transition to a stunning business environment almost effortless.

We are seeking artists from Vancouver Island to submit their artworks to the Art Rental and Sales program at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.  Submissions to the general program are accepted quarterly. Submission deadlines and artwork intake dates are as follows for 2017/2018:

Submission Deadline: June 15 / 17 

Artwork Intake Dates: June 20 - 23 / 17 (11am3pm)

Submission Deadline: September 15 / 17

Artwork Intake Dates: September 19 - 22 / 17 (11am – 3pm)

Submission Deadline: December 15 / 18

Artwork Intake Dates: December 19 -22 / 18 (11am – 3pm)