Alchemy of Abstraction

Sunday Lectures at the Gallery Part 4 with Dr. Daniel Mato | Alchemy of Abstraction | April 9, 2017 | 2-4 PM.

It has been argued that abstraction was created during the first decade of the 20th century by artists in France, Germany, Italy and Russia. However as early as 70,000 BC, some of the earliest marks made by humans were lines organized in geometric patterns raising the question: has abstraction always been with us waiting to be periodically rediscovered? Maurice Denis said in 1890 “A painting before being a war horse, a naked woman or some anecdote or other, is essentially a flat surface covered with colors in a particular arrangement.” If it is simply paint on a flat surface what do the expressive abstractions of Jackson Pollock share with the lyrical abstractions by Kandinsky or Picasso’s cubism with the spiritualism of Malevich or the structures of Mondrian? Considering abstract painters and their works, can there be a single and comprehensive definition of abstraction or merely an enigmatic understanding? Is abstraction a planned composition or the spontaneous gesture of an artist? Can there be schools of abstraction or merely individual expressions that share a philosophy or theory? Robert Delaunay argued that, “As long as art does not break free from the object it remains (mere) description.” All art is essentially abstract to one degree or another, for in actuality there are as many kinds of abstract forms as there are artists and it is for us to understand its meaning.

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